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Circus Workshops

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Open workshop

Anybody welcome (space dependent) equipment is all put out at the same time in a set area for people to use on a drop in basis.

I will be on hand to give clear instruction, inspire and provide excitement for all.

Best suited to festivals, fetes, fundays, open spaces and general drop in events.

Structured workshop

A set number of participants.

There will be a lesson plan and a structure which will be tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

The skills will be taught individually in a clearly understood manner so the whole group undertakes the same activity at the same time.

More suited to Schools, youth groups, corporate training and ongoing initiatives.

Skills taught – dependent on age and ability and setting.





Spinning Plates

Hat Manipulation

Hula Hooping


Stilts (hand held & peg)


Walking Globe

Rolla Bolla

Pedal go's

Balancing of objects


I have taught thousands of people from all different age groups, backgrounds and abilities in a variety of settings.

I can tailor make packages to suit your requirements from week long intensives teaching entire schools to more advanced small sessions for corporate clients.

I also have a network of other professional practitioners and performers to work alongside myself for larger events.

I am formally qualified and have an Oxford & Cambridge accredited Diploma in Circus skills and physical Theatre from Circomedia, Europe's Leading Circus School for circus skills and physical Theatre.

For any further specific details and queries, please contact me.

Past Experience

Run hundreds of workshops in schools and project managed many different schemes and initiatives in conjunction with numerous councils, Educational bodies and agencies.  I have also taught the nation to juggle live on CBEEBIES.

I have run workshops for numerous fun days, fetes, festival's, corporate training sessions, functions, weddings, round table events, scouts, drama students and universities to name but a few. The list is too long and diverse!

I have also undertaken ongoing initiatives for schools, special needs groups, Duke of Edinburgh , Princes Trust, Connexions, numerous youth organisations and after school clubs.

Benefits of Circus Skills

Amazing fun, different and exciting.

Works for all ages.

Develops Coordination.

Right/ left brain synergy.

Boosts self confidence and patience.

Established 1999


DBS checked

Full Public Liability Insurance.

Equity member

Oxford and Cambridge Diploma in Circus Skills and Physical Theatre.


What is a Circus Skills Workshop?

A Circus Skills Workshop is a chance for people to learn Circus skills for themselves by being taught clearly in a fun environment.

I am a qualified and dedicated teacher who can turn up at an event with a substantial amount of professional circus equipment and teach people how to use it for themselves in a clearly explained, exciting and fun way.

This can be verified by the testimonials of any of my past clients.

I am an energetic and enthusiastic performer and the same applies to my teaching.

A common remark is always how kind, patient and enthusiastic I am.

I am of course Fully insured, risk assessed and DBS checked.

Workshops can be undertaken in two forms....

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